Review Request: Do not modify .fonts.conf when loading it. Now nothing is written before the user clicks apply or ok. Fixes Bug 105797.

Nikolaus Waxweiler madigens at
Sat May 14 03:48:16 BST 2011

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Review request for KDE Base Apps and KDE Runtime.


I simply removed all code in loading routines that wrote something to the config.

On a side-note, I'd love to rip out the whole fontconfig configuration completely... I think that the whole modifying-.fonts.conf-approach is too fickle because the system/distribution can set up elaborate hinting/antialiasing configurations and the changes made to .fonts.conf just bulldoze over them. Most people will probably never (really want to) touch those settings anyway (Windows and Mac OS X users at least don't seem to, and they don't appear to be unhappy about it)... Would there even be any good alternative approaches?

This addresses bug 105797.


  kcontrol/fonts/fonts.cpp c796961 
  kcontrol/fonts/kxftconfig.cpp 9cd04de 



- Delete .fonts.conf and see if invoking "kcmshell4 fonts" creates it again without user intervention
- Delete various match-settings set by the kcm (e.g. hintstyle and rgba) and see if it recreates them while leaving match-settings not deleted untouched
- Switch anti-aliasing settings between system, disbled and enabled and apply each time, change some aa-settings while enabled and check if they stay there after switching



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