iceScrum (was Re: Qt5 -> KDE5?)

Torgny Nyblom nyblom at
Fri May 13 04:55:07 BST 2011

> On Thursday, May 12, 2011 14:38:57 Torgny Nyblom wrote:
>> On Tuesday 10 May 2011 10.04.34 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> Shaun gave the location; it's still experimental for us, though. We're
> using
> it for the next three months of plasma development, with a focus on Plasma
> Active issues, as a trial.
> If this works out well, we will find a more permanent home somewhere under
> the
> KDE infrastructure umbrella and open the invitation to use it to more
> people.
> If there is interest sooner, then perhaps someone can look into speeding
> up
> that timeline.

Thanks (Aaron and Shaun) for that, I think that it look interesting and am
looking forward to hear what your impressions are after this first

If you think that it is good I would love to have an official KDE version
running for us all to use.


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