Top 15 Mailinglists with messages in moderation May 1st

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Sun May 8 12:12:25 BST 2011

Am Samstag, 7. Mai 2011, 17:47:28 schrieb Anne-Marie Mahfouf:
> On Sunday 01 May 2011 16:00:57 Tom Albers wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > New month, new list. If lists are unused, let me know, I will delete
> > them. If someone wants to help with moderation for any of these list,
> > let me know as well.
> > 
> >       19 kde-france-ca
> Where can I see archives of that list and its purpose?

I was going to reply with the obvious pointer to, but then I noticed that this list isn't 
there. And the list descriptions of many of the lists either don't exist or 
are just the list name. So:

-why are there KDE mailing lists not on the overview page? Isn't this 

-any volunteers to update the tagline descriptions of all mailing list where 
they are not in a sensible state? Like forbidding every description where

if (description.endsWith("mailing list", Qt::CaseInsensitive))
if (description == listname.toLower().replace('-', ' '))

and then fix all where description is empty. Should be a junior job, just send 
some questions or drafts to the list maintainers or sysadmin.

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