US Week Numbers - USian Advice Needed

John Layt johnlayt at
Wed May 4 23:03:29 BST 2011


I'm implementing support for US week numbers, but there's conflicting 
information on the great interweb tubes as to what the standard is.

Some sources say the US Standard is Week 1 is from Jan 1 to the first Saturday 
of the year (which may be less than 7 days) then each following week starts 
from Sunday.

Other sources say Week 1 starts on the first Sunday in the year, with the days 
preceeding it being labelled either Week 0 or the last week of the previous 

Finally there's some suggestion the US military uses simple week numbering, 
i.e. week 1 starts on Jan 1 and lasts 7 days, with each week following in 

All 3 may even be in regular use and so all will require support.

A lot of this confusion seems to stem from our dear friends in Redmond who's 
aversion to standards leaves them equally unable to correctly implement the US 
Week as the ISO Week.

Beatings with the clue-stick gratefully received.


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