Review Request: Fix compile of KIO with KDE_ENABLE_FINAL enabled.

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Mon May 2 20:26:18 BST 2011

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Review request for kdelibs.


kdelibs compilation is broken with KDE4_ENABLE_FINAL turned ON. The first problem is in kio, where there's two file-static functions with the same name (isLocalRequest) and slightly different code.

This patch fixes kio compilation by moving the two isLocalRequest functions into the corresponding private classes.


  kio/kio/accessmanager.cpp 03b75898b0fcc6b47518fde8a8b3afc23a1a677f 
  kio/kio/accessmanagerreply_p.h 408b5331c999633f4f5d603a70cb419678249a7e 
  kio/kio/accessmanagerreply_p.cpp ccc7474799734b91112d70dc81945b8fe9b9f96c 



Compilation of kdelibs/kio with and without final. Didn't try installing or running.
Other parts of kdelibs still don't work with final.



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