QPixmap::handle(): Pixmap is not an X11 class pixmap

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Mon May 2 16:02:02 BST 2011

Em Monday, 2 de May de 2011, às 16:39:23, Hugo Pereira Da Costa escreveu:
> What's the widget style you are using ?
> > I remember a recent discussion in #qt-labs about this, and I think it
> > has
> > already been fixed in Qt 4.8 branch.
> > 
> > The issue, if I understood the discussion correctly, is that even while
> > you are setting a non X11 backend, it is still possible for
> > applications to create an X11 native QPixmap via the fromX11Pixmap()
> > function, but the checks in Qt "forgot" that case.

That's oxygen.

The code that triggers this warning is oxygen trying to get the pixmap 
handle() exactly to find out if the pixmap is an XPixmap one or not.

There's no way in Qt 4.7 to find out if a QPixmap is backed by an XPixmap 
without triggering the warning. The warning was removed in 4.8.

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