QPixmap::handle(): Pixmap is not an X11 class pixmap

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo at oxygen-icons.org
Mon May 2 15:55:50 BST 2011

Le 05/02/2011 04:47 PM, Wolfgang Rohdewald a écrit :
> On Montag 02 Mai 2011, Hugo Pereira Da Costa wrote:
>> Le 05/02/2011 04:33 PM, Christoph Feck a écrit :
>>> On Monday 02 May 2011 16:15:42 Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
>>>> since updating to kubuntu 11.04 I am getting this message
>>>> while KApplication is created, but only if I use raster or
>>>> opengl as graphics system:
>>>> kpat --graphicssystem raster
>>>> QPixmap::handle(): Pixmap is not an X11 class pixmap
>>>> this seems to happen with all KDE programs.
>>>> Any idea?
>>>> kdelibs 4.6.2
>>>> qt 4.7.2
>> What's the widget style you are using ?
> oxygen
For the record, I was asking because oxygen (from "master") as well as 
oxygen-transparent do access some QPixmap::handles to pass them to kwin 
for the new shadow system.

The access should be safe though, since if the handle returned is 
invalid, then a native X11 pixmap is created directly, instead of 
re-using existing QPixmap.

I do get the warning here, using kde from master, and Qt 4.7.2, 8 times 
per app, for all applications when using raster graphics system. It 
usually happens the first time a menu is opened, which corresponds to 
the X11 pixmaps creation in oxygen.


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