Review Request: Shares the KNS3::Cache amongst users of the same program instance

Matthias Fuchs mat69 at
Sun Mar 27 17:45:21 BST 2011

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Review request for kdelibs and Frederik Gladhorn.


Thus insuring that the cache is always consistent.
This way it can't happen, that e.g. DownloadManager updates some KNS3::Entries and a call to DownloadWidget later on would overwrite the updated ones as updateable.


  knewstuff/knewstuff3/core/cache.h 5b0b60e 
  knewstuff/knewstuff3/core/cache.cpp 53aa55e 
  knewstuff/knewstuff3/core/engine.h 5aa7449 
  knewstuff/knewstuff3/core/engine.cpp 1017628 



Tested with the patch in since that fixes updateing.

Test case:
Implemented auto-updating for the comic plamsoid.
After some updates happen the user clicks the get more button to install an additional comic. In the old behaviour the comic would show up as not installed after restarting, as the cache was not shared [1]. With the new behaviour any updated comic will show up as installed and the newly installed comic will also show up as installed.

[1] Here it only depended which cache was written last to the disk. So either all comics would still show up as updatedable or the one comic would show up as not installed.



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