Review Request: Emit the finished signal after calling ftpCloseCommand in Ftp::copy and friends

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Thu Mar 24 16:05:16 GMT 2011

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Review request for kdelibs.


The attached patch fixes the problem reported in the bug reports listed above. Specifically, clicking on ftp files seems to not work on more occasions than not for me and reporters of those bugs. In my own local tests, clicking on a PDF file simply results in okular being opened and nothing displayed. Actually a copy completed notification with an "open" button is shown and clicking on this button opens the PDF file in another instance of okular. For text files kate gives a warning message about not being able to read the file and to check permission. In this case too a status notification is shown however and clicking on it results in the same behavior as the PDF case.

The problem seems to stem from the fact that in case of Ftp::copy, which is used in both of the examples I gave above, the finished signal is emitted before calling the ftpCloseCommand. Reversing that order as this patch does fixes the problem completely here. I suspect socket io buffering to be the culprit, but I did not dig enough to say definitively.

This addresses bugs 181393 and 203445.


  kioslave/ftp/ftp.cpp 7414588 





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