Git Workflow - Outstanding Issues

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at
Sat Mar 19 03:59:07 GMT 2011

On Samstag 19 März 2011, Parker Coates wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 23:25, Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
> > On Freitag 18 März 2011, John Layt wrote:
> >> * Commit Template
> >> I've finally committed the Commit Template into kdelibs,
> >> any Git project that  wants to use a different version can
> >> commit that to their own repo provided they follow the
> >> basic rules.
> > 
> > would it be feasible to add a section like
> > 
> > # --[ Notify packagers about changed dependencies
> > ]-----------|
> > #DEPS:
> Ideally, something as significant as changed dependencies
> should be discussed *before* the code is committed, no?
> Parker

of course you are right in a stable branch of kdelibs, but
in master, in smaller repos which might only have one or
very few developers?

For kajongg in KDE 4.6 some packagers did actually miss
dependency changes, but I did not even know I should have
actively notified them, I expected they would use some 
commit filters watching CMakeLists.txt. A reminder in
the commit template seems like a good place to me for
guiding the developers.

so maybe not in kdelibs, but it might be useful in smaller
repos like kajongg (assuming and hoping kdegames will be
split into one repo per game) together with the server commit
hook sending those mails to kde-build and kde-packager

but then it should still be in the kdelibs commit template 
because that is the one other repos will copy and adapt.

of course I could also do that in my local git repo commit
hook - but that is not my point - if I don't know about
the requirement to notify packagers, I don"t do that anyway


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