Git Workflow - Outstanding Issues

John Layt johnlayt at
Fri Mar 18 18:32:22 GMT 2011


We still have some outstanding issues from the Git Workflow meeting a while 
back (see which I'd like 
to see updated.

* Workflow
eean, steveire and PovAddict were to draw up alternative workflow proposals, 
steveire has drawn up one at (see earlier 
thread).  Do we have the other proposals yet?  What needs doing to move this 

* Release branch naming, KDE/4.6 vs 4.6
This was decided by a coin toss to be 4.6 rather than KDE/4.6, but I suspect 
by now more people have stable branches from kdelibs/kdebase than the other 
modules so it may be less disruptive overall to use KDE/4.6?

Either way, there's still a couple of outstanding actions:
** Sysadmins to rename the branches that use the losing naming scheme if 
that's possible without too much disruption
** Sysadmins to block creating new branches for the losing naming scheme.

* Documentation
I've started the Git documentation:

I've also been revising the TechBase "Getting Started" pages, but that's a 
separate email.

* Commit Template
I've finally committed the Commit Template into kdelibs, any Git project that 
wants to use a different version can commit that to their own repo provided 
they follow the basic rules.



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