Move the wacom tablet kcm out of kdereview

Jörg Ehrichs joerg.ehrichs at
Thu Mar 17 08:19:16 GMT 2011

Hi everyone,

I would like to move my wacomtablet prohram out of kdereview finally.
Its there way to long now, as I've silently misused the kdereview section for 
my slow development and this wasn't my intention after all.

As I have to change a few parts to adopt to the latest xf86-wacom-driver 
updates to fix the last remaining "bugs" and I believe I have to do this more 
often (It looks like the guys responsible for the driver changing a lot to the 
better lately). I would like to move somewhere in extragear.

Now for the questions, is extragear the right place? or should i go back to 

And while I'm about to move the program anyway, is there someone who can help 
me to move to git too?

Kind regards
Joerg Ehrichs

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