Future of KSysguard - removing remote monitoring

John Tapsell johnflux at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 23:37:17 GMT 2011

On 9 March 2011 16:05, Gary Greene <greeneg at tolharadys.net> wrote:
> On 9 Mar 2011, at 7:54 AM, John Tapsell wrote:
>> Thanks for the feedback - this is why I put out such emails before I
>> make any changes.  It's good to know that people actually use this app
>> - sometimes it's hard to know if anyone actually uses it.
>> I'll hold off on any rash changes for now.
>> Thanks!
>> John
> Has ksysguard (at least the front-end) been ported to Mac OS X? This would save me a lot of time in having to invest time and effort in creating a web-monitoring system for a few sites I do admin stuff for.... If not, what is preventing it from working on that platform (if any), and would you welcome any help for getting it completed?

It hasn't been ported afaik, but it works on BSD and solaris etc, so I
don't think porting it would be a huge deal.  You could probably just
try compiling it and sending me any fixes that are needed.


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