Review Request: Fix for connecting to FTP sites through HTTP proxy

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Tue Mar 8 00:43:08 GMT 2011

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(Updated March 8, 2011, 12:43 a.m.)

Review request for kdelibs.


Made the changes suggested by David.


The attached patch fixes accessing FTP sites through HTTP proxy servers for KDE based browsers, such as Konqueror, only. Why only browsers ? Because FTP over HTTP proxy sends back HTML pages and not file items. As such, the returned result cannot be shown in Dolphin or any application or dialog that relies on the dolphin part.

There is however a much larger issue here that this patch does not address. How to support connections to FTP sites in all apps/dialogs that use the dolphinpart when such requests are routed through an HTTP proxy ? There is a possibility of using proxy tunneling like it is done for HTTPS over HTTP proxy. However, that would require kio_ftp being changed to support connecting to an HTTP proxy server. Not a minor change. The other option I can think of is to modify the dolphinpart to parse the HTML file returned in such cases and create file items out of them, but that too is not a complicated solution.

Anyhow, regardless of what could or could not be done to resolve that issue in the future, I think that the dolphinpart should at least should check to see if the ftp request is going over proxy (KProtocolManager::slaveProtocol) and inform the user such action is not supported.

This addresses bug 236630.

Diffs (updated)

  kioslave/http/http.cpp 0579382 
  kparts/browserrun.cpp 3a062d2 



Used Konqueror to connect to FTP sites through a local proxy server.



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