KF5 & Qt5 - QtCS Session

todd rme toddrme2178 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 10:17:05 BST 2011

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 1:43 AM, John Layt <jlayt at kde.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> At QtCS we had a follow-up session from Platform 11 to discuss what technical
> changes we'd like to see in Qt5.
> One major point was the news that the Qt5 feature freeze is planned for
> September/October giving us only 2-3 months to get the changes we need in.
> This means we have to prioritise those items that need binary and source
> compatability changes in the core Qt libraries for 5.0 and leave everything
> else for 5.1.  A plan was agreed to identify those tasks by July 15th, assign
> names to them, and starting pushing changes to Qt asap.
> Unfortunately the Qt repos are not open yet so for now we can only discuss
> proposals on the Qt5 list or push merge requests the old way in Gitorious.
> It's no surprise that dfaure got merge request #1 on qt5 :-)
> Thiago explained the criteria for getting things into Qt:
> * Must be cross-platform on Linux, Mac and WIndows
> * Must have unit tests
> * Must commit to maintaining the new code
> Remote compile and test facilities may be made available for Mac/Win builds.
> The legal aspects of copying code from KDE was discussed.  Ideally all
> contributed code would be a clean room implementation by the contributor, but
> this defeats QA reasons for copying well-proven code.  The Contributor
> Agreement is not a blanket grant, it is a grant specific to each push, so each
> push must be entirely your own code, multiple authors need to push to a common
> branch on Gerrit before requesting a merge.  While you should be able to copy
> your own code from KDE you need to be careful where other people have patched
> it, but where to draw the line, i.e. does a one line krazy fix prevent you
> copying it?  Agreed that we had some special needs and need to seek
> clarification from Nokia Legal on some sensible guidelines.
> A draft list was made of some areas for focus with names drafted in against
> them:
> * Q_GLOBAL_STATIC - dfaure, already submitted
> * Mime Types - dfaure
> * Paths/Locations - dfaure (needed for mime Types)
> * QUrl/KUrl - dfaure to code? Thiago to review
> * Ref counting - steveire
> * Notifications - agateau
> * KAction - drf_
> * Locale - jlayt
> * Date/Time - jlayt
> * Translations - jlayt to try find someone
> * QIcon/KIcon - need to merge, loading needs work - Jens B?? / ogoffart knows
> * Icon Cache?
> * SVG? - Alexei on top of WebKit?
> * Macros - part of review
> * KConfig - Helio? Qt-Addon for 5.1?
> * KJob - Qt-Addon for 5.1
> This is by no means complete yet so please suggest other areas and names.
> Cheers!
> John.

What about extended mouse button handling as Richard Stockton was working on?


This is one of the longest-lasting and most-requested wishlist items
in KDE, but appears to require binary incompatible changes to Qt.


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