KF5 & Qt5 - QtCS Session

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Thu Jun 30 00:43:44 BST 2011


At QtCS we had a follow-up session from Platform 11 to discuss what technical 
changes we'd like to see in Qt5.

One major point was the news that the Qt5 feature freeze is planned for 
September/October giving us only 2-3 months to get the changes we need in.  
This means we have to prioritise those items that need binary and source 
compatability changes in the core Qt libraries for 5.0 and leave everything 
else for 5.1.  A plan was agreed to identify those tasks by July 15th, assign 
names to them, and starting pushing changes to Qt asap.

Unfortunately the Qt repos are not open yet so for now we can only discuss 
proposals on the Qt5 list or push merge requests the old way in Gitorious.  
It's no surprise that dfaure got merge request #1 on qt5 :-)

Thiago explained the criteria for getting things into Qt:
* Must be cross-platform on Linux, Mac and WIndows
* Must have unit tests
* Must commit to maintaining the new code

Remote compile and test facilities may be made available for Mac/Win builds.

The legal aspects of copying code from KDE was discussed.  Ideally all 
contributed code would be a clean room implementation by the contributor, but 
this defeats QA reasons for copying well-proven code.  The Contributor 
Agreement is not a blanket grant, it is a grant specific to each push, so each 
push must be entirely your own code, multiple authors need to push to a common 
branch on Gerrit before requesting a merge.  While you should be able to copy 
your own code from KDE you need to be careful where other people have patched 
it, but where to draw the line, i.e. does a one line krazy fix prevent you 
copying it?  Agreed that we had some special needs and need to seek 
clarification from Nokia Legal on some sensible guidelines.

A draft list was made of some areas for focus with names drafted in against 

* Q_GLOBAL_STATIC - dfaure, already submitted
* Mime Types - dfaure
* Paths/Locations - dfaure (needed for mime Types)
* QUrl/KUrl - dfaure to code? Thiago to review
* Ref counting - steveire
* Notifications - agateau
* KAction - drf_
* Locale - jlayt
* Date/Time - jlayt
* Translations - jlayt to try find someone
* QIcon/KIcon - need to merge, loading needs work - Jens B?? / ogoffart knows
* Icon Cache?
* SVG? - Alexei on top of WebKit?
* Macros - part of review
* KConfig - Helio? Qt-Addon for 5.1?
* KJob - Qt-Addon for 5.1

This is by no means complete yet so please suggest other areas and names.



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