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Lukas Sommer sommerluk at
Mon Jun 20 11:04:30 BST 2011

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Review request for KDE Base Apps, KDE Runtime, kdelibs, and Christoph Feck.


X11 mouse cursor themes can contain cursors in multiple sizes, making them pseudo-scalable.

It is yet possible in KDE to configure manually the mouse cursor size (editing kcminput.rc). However, the GUI of the corresponding KControl module didn't provide support to change this. This patch add support for changing the mouse cursor size to the GUI.

This are mostly GUI related changes. The underlying data structure XCursorTheme did yet provide support for choosing different sizes and only needed some adjustments.

This addresses bug 90444.


  kcontrol/input/xcursor/xcursortheme.cpp a987487 
  kcontrol/input/xcursor/themepage.ui 2e38054 
  kcontrol/input/xcursor/xcursortheme.h b474086 
  kcontrol/input/xcursor/themepage.h 902148f 
  kcontrol/input/xcursor/themepage.cpp 24b9efe 
  kcontrol/input/xcursor/previewwidget.h f4d2c4e 
  kcontrol/input/xcursor/previewwidget.cpp 3c264fc 
  kcontrol/input/xcursor/cursortheme.h 8f7834b 
  kcontrol/input/xcursor/legacytheme.h 23c9d5f 



Tested locally. Works fine for me. Also when using non-standard font DPI values.




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