KDM plans and lightDM

Alex Fiestas afiestas at kde.org
Wed Jun 15 11:22:10 BST 2011

Just to clarify something...

I'm not pushing lightDM into KDE in anyway, it is not my favorite DM or 
anything like that, though I see it as a highly interesting project with a 
healthy and active community and I do think that KDE should be leading the 
Qtness of the project as well as be sure that we work well with it.

Also, If KDM developers start to implement all the lacking features such:
-Power Management
-Language switcher
- Maybe more?

And it becomes at least from the outside point of view a healthy project where 
incoming patches such the so discussed plymouth one are integrated (I'm not 
saying integrate it in the current not optimal state, we've reviewboard to 
improve patches) then I will say, go KDM! since KDM is the KDE solution.

But right now: (Once again this is what I see from outside:)
-KDM developers have no plans
-KDM maintainer has no time

And considering that, I think that is not reprehensible if some other 
developers are attracted by the idea of a cross-platform DM where in theory we 
will need only to take care about the greeter.

So to sum up:
We need to improve the DM experiencie in our Workspace, no matter if it is via 
lightDM, KDM or both.


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