KDE at the Qt Contributors Summit

John Layt johnlayt at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 9 15:31:42 BST 2011

The Qt Contributors Summit [1] is happening Berlin from 16-18 June to discuss 
the future of Qt under Open Governance.  Many members of the KDE community 
will be there either as direct representatives of KDE or on behalf of their 
employer.  A rough estimate puts our presence at about 10% of the 200-250 

We would like to co-ordinate our efforts at QtCS to ensure the best possible 
outcome for KDE and Qt.  To help this we would like all KDE community members 
attending to list their name on the KDE at QtCS wiki page [2].  Please 
indicate if you are attending on behalf of another organisation and what your 
t-shirt size is.

We will try arrange for KDE "Part of the Solution" t-shirts for everyone to 
wear to make the KDE presence as obvious as possible, but we understand that 
people with spilt loyalties will need to show their other colours as well.  
Apologies for the short notice, but could you please sign up by this Friday to 
enable the t-shirts to arrive in time.

A number of session topics have already been proposed by KDE members, but feel 
free to propose any other topics you think may be needed [3].  We also want a 
KDE presence at every session to ensure our voice is heard, if there are 
sessions you think are important to KDE and will attend please list these on 
the wiki as well.

One thing we would like to emphasise is that we are not looking to merge with 
Qt or to take Qt over or to force all our technology into Qt.  We want to 
become an active and influential contributor to Qt to improve both Qt and KDE.  
With Open Governance and the modularisation of both the Qt and KDE Frameworks 
we believe we have a good model for achieving this.

See you in Berlin!


[1] http://developer.qt.nokia.com/groups/qt_contributors_summit/wiki
[2] http://community.kde.org/KDE_at_QCS

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