Review Request: Fix keypress stealing issue

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at
Wed Jun 8 17:44:49 BST 2011

On Monday 06 June 2011, David Faure wrote:
> About the second question, here's my commit log for 60ae8626e917cb1f3:
>     Re-route the old actions "Find Text as You Type" and "Find Links as You
> Type" to the findbar. Remove them from the menu, since they are redundant
> with "Find text", but kept two actions just for the shortcuts:
>     '/' will still activate "find text (not just links)", but the shortcut
> for "find links" is removed by default, advanced users will have to set
> one again. Otherwise newbies would get confused after pressing the
> shortcut (was single-quote) by mistake: Esc and Ctrl+F would still find in
> links only.

Yes, I had seen the commit message. 

> No strong opinion though, on whether it's really needed to keep the '/'
> shortcut for compatibility. Let's email all KDE users and ask them... :-)

Well, yes, that sounds like a good idea...

Actually, my suggestion would have been to keep both shortcuts, and to change 
the behavior of "Find", rather than that of "Find Text as You Type". I.e. 
using the "Find"-shortcut would always reset the search mode to "Find in all 
text". But of course that definitely has potential for confusion, too, and I 
certainly don't care enough to steer any further into those troubled waters.

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