Review Request: Fix meta+shift+tab and similar global shortcuts.

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Mon Jun 6 12:24:17 BST 2011

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Review request for KDE Runtime and Michael Jansen.


When entering (ctrl,alt,meta+) shift+tab as a new shortcut KKeySequenceWidget gets "backtab" as the key pressed but records "tab", because it looks/sounds better I guess... When either of backtab or tab is used with shift as a shortcut in an application Qt triggers the shortcut. kglobalaccel gets the keypress event as "backtab" which is correct but only triggers shortcuts with "backtab" in them and such shortcuts are not possible for the user to enter using kshortcutseditor.

This patch makes kglobalaccel look for both tab and backtab when triggered, same as Qt does.

KWin should possibly be patched to have alt+shift+tab as its default shortcut, currently it has alt+shift+backtab (which is why it works even without this patch...). That would solve the issue that currently a user can enter alt+shift+tab as shortcut for something else and the conflict is not detected.

This addresses bugs 174142, 258467, 261296, and 274006.


  kglobalaccel/globalshortcutcontext.cpp fc2e6a6 



Tested using master branch, running in a Xephyr session. Switching between plasma activities with meta+shift+tab now works.



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