Review Request: Export the function isShiftAsModifierAllowed() from KKeySequenceWidget

Simon Persson simonpersson1 at
Mon Jun 6 09:46:04 BST 2011

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Review request for kdelibs and Michael Jansen.


First of two patches to fix a set of bugs for global shortcuts involving shift key.  Not sure if this can go in 4.7 because of the freeze? It adds a new function to the API for the sake of a bugfix. Prepared the following commit message:

    Export the function isShiftAsModifierAllowed()
    This function inside KKeySequnceWidgetPrivate is needed by kglobalaccel,
    export here rather than duplicating code and risk falling out of sync.
    Also add Qt::Key_Backtab to the list, this is not needed internally
    since there is a special case for Alt+Shift+Tab to not be recorded as
    Alt+Backtab but other users of this function will need it.

This addresses bugs 179504, 197548 and 215030.


  kdeui/widgets/kkeysequencewidget.h b9aafdc 
  kdeui/widgets/kkeysequencewidget.cpp a35c2b4 





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