Modularization and other languages' bindings (was: The Future of our Frameworks)

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In data Monday 06 June 2011 19:26:38, Sebastian K├╝gler ha scritto:

(I took the liberty of adding kde-bindings to the CC of tihs specific topic)

> We want to make it possible to use our frameworks in Qt projects without
> significant additional dependencies. This means:

Reading around the plans and this mails, I'd like to ask if bindings for 
interpreted languages (aside ECMAScript, which has a more or less official 
blessing thanks to QtScript and friends), were put into the equation.

The reason is simple: those too contribute to lowering the barrier of entry 
for developers, especially the audience that has not a C++ programming 
background. If things are adjusted (without breaking things), it would be a 
perfect opportunity to involve the bindings people in the process.

> * The impact for existing apps will be minimal

Again, this is also a perfect opportunity to get the bindings team on board, 
to ensure that the changes will not maim the bindings themselves.

Notice that this is not a criticism of what's has been done so far: on the 
contrary, I think the effort is sorely needed. I would just like to point out 
the existence of these realities (bindings) that albeit small, contribute 
their little to the use of KDE.

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