Review Request: kcm-grub2

Konstantinos Smanis konstantinos.smanis at
Sun Jun 5 11:06:45 BST 2011

Raphael Kubo da Costa <kubito <at>> writes:
> Konstantinos Smanis <konstantinos.smanis <at>> writes:
> > I have talked with Alberto Mattea (the maintainer of kcmgrub2) and he
> > has agreed to give up his request for inclusion in extragear.
> >
> > Our conversation has been over plain e-mails, so I cannot prove this.
> > Perhaps I should contact him to confirm this?
> That sounds like getting rid of dandruff by decapitation ;) I thought
> one of you would just rename your project, as it looks like there are
> still going to be two projects with almost the exact same name, just not
> in the same location in KDE.

What's so great about the name? I mean, I don't like it either but
kcm-foo is the standard way of naming a KCModule that configures Foo.
KCModules need no fancy names like Calligra or Plasma, users won't
ever notice them.

I am not against renaming, I just don't get why it's such a big issue.

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