Review Request: Fix keypress stealing issue

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Thu Jun 2 09:38:15 BST 2011

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Review request for kdelibs and David Faure.


Shortcut context was not set correctly for the new "Find Text as You Type" action, which can result in the khtmlpart "stealing" '/'-keypresses from other widgets in the same main window. This patch would fix that in the most straight-forward fashion. However:

a) I do wonder, why this is not simply set for *all* applicable actions (including those which do not have a shortcut set by default, but might have a user-configured shortcut!). I.e. something like

foreach (QAction *action, actionCollection()->actions())

But perhaps I am overlooking something?

b) This is sort of OT, but I could not help wondering:
I was pretty confused about the difference between Find... and Find Text as You Type. Since Find... really is find-as-you-type, too. Before I finally gathered it from the sources. May I suggest condensing the three actions
- Find...
- Find Text as You Type
- Find Links as You Type
to two actions
- Find Text (with default shortcuts Ctrl+F *and* '/')
- Find Links



  khtml/khtml_part.cpp ec89b0c8083989afb52ebde714e1fe757ab2e387 





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