Review Request: PATCH: Honor size and coordinates when creating new Konqueror windows

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Wed Jun 1 04:33:51 BST 2011

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(Updated June 1, 2011, 3:33 a.m.)

Review request for KDE Base Apps and David Faure.


Added a test case for anyone that wants to test the scenario outlined in the description section.


Currently new window creation in KonqMainWindow::slotCreateNewWindow does not honor the supplied cooridnate and size information under certain circumstances. For example, if you click on a javascript link that opens a new window, then the new window will always be maximized, regardless of the size information supplied by the javascript call, as long as the Konqueror window where you clicked on the link is also maximized. Even when the original window is not maximized, if you maximize and close the newly created window, then clicking on the javscript link again will result in a maximized window.

The attached patch addresses all of the above issues by making sure the coordinate and size information are always honored during new window creation.


  konqueror/src/konqmainwindow.cpp 56aa379 


Testing (updated)

    <title>Javascript Test</title>
    <a href="'about:blank', 'NewWindowTest1', 'width=300, height=400')"> test</a>

Test #1:
1.) Copy the HTML snippet above into a file and open it with konqueror.
2.) Maximize the Konqueror window.
3.) Click on the link.  
4.) Notice new window is opened maximized.

Test #2:
5.) Repeat steps 2-4 above, but do not maximize the Konqueror window in step 2.
6.) The new window opened when you clicked on the link should be of correct size.
7.) Maximize this new window, then close it.
8.) Click on the javascript link again.
9.) Notice how the new window is opened maximized.

After applying the patch, none of the above test scenarios should be reproducible.



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