Formal complaint concerning the use of the name "System Settings" by GNOME

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Mon Jul 25 20:08:05 BST 2011

David Jarvie wrote:
> On Mon, July 25, 2011 12:50 pm, Ambroz Bizjak wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> have you seen my proposed improvement on your suggestion?
>> I suggest that you consider it, because it would avoid having to
>> update the Freedesktop specification and any DE that doesn't name its
>> programs differently in other DEs (e.g. Xfce).
> This proposal has the same drawbacks as Mark's - it is aimed at
> knowledgeable users, not the ordinary user who may not be aware of which
> desktop a particular application is from. See

So what is *your* proposed solution?

As you say, the long term solution is to have setting interoperability. The 
key words there are "long term". We can't do that *now*, before the new KDE 
release and before the new GNOME release. We need a solution *now* to avoid 
having two entries with the exact same name in the application list.

Mark and Ambroz's solutions have the advantage of not requiring months of 
collaboration and programming, which would be needed for setting 


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