Fixes in Git (first in stable, then merge to master)

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Sun Jul 24 04:56:36 BST 2011

Nicolas Alvarez wrote:
> - Figure out how to solve the scripty problem. scripty does its own
> conflicting commits to .desktop files in both branches, and that won't
> change[1]. We probably need a custom merge tool for .desktop-like files
> that ignores translations.

I *think* I managed to write such a merge tool. I still need more testing 
and fixing. For example, if there is an actual file conflict, I'm handling 
it pretty badly right now (no conflict markers or anything).

Also, when merging 4.7 into master, it seems that if a .desktop file was 
only modified in 4.7, git will do the merge automatically, bringing those 
4.7 changes into master, without running the custom merge tool. Those 
changes would be undone again next time scripty runs.

But this seems promising anyway. Stay tuned :)


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