Fixes in Git (first in stable, then merge to master)

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Sat Jul 23 00:00:16 BST 2011

Alex Fiestas wrote:
> Last few days I have been patching some pieces of our workspace here and
> there, the first set of patches I did them directly into master which if
> I remember correctly was against the policy.
> So, the second round of fixes I tried to do it the right way, which is:
> 1-Create the patch while using 4.7 (optional I guess)
> 2-Test the patch in 4.7
> 3-Commit the patch in 4.7
> 4-Checkout master branch
> 5-Merge 4.7 into master
> [...]
> So, at this point I'm wondering if the policy is bad or (and this option
> is the more plausible) I don't know how to use the tool.
> Cheers and sorry for the cherry-pick's I've done so far.

There is no active policy saying you're supposed to merge. Almost everybody 
in KDE is still doing cherry-picks. KDevelop is the only KDE project I know 
that consistently uses forward-merges from the stable branch to master.


It *would* be good to switch to the new workflow of doing changes in the 
lowest supported branch and up-merging, but it's not that easy. We need to:

- Figure out how to solve the scripty problem. scripty does its own 
conflicting commits to .desktop files in both branches, and that won't 
change[1]. We probably need a custom merge tool for .desktop-like files that 
ignores translations.

- Check if there is any change in 4.7 that isn't in master, and if so, see 
if that's intentional (4.7-specific hack, or the version bumps) or an 
oversight (never cherry-picked into master).

- Do the initial merge from 4.7 to master, solving the conflicts. The more 
they have diverged, the harder this is.

- Get *everyone* to start with the new workflow for that particular 
repository (see below). Else, if some people keep cherry-picking while 
others expect merging, the next one to try merging may get conflicts about 
all the cherry-picks people did since the last merge, and a merge will make 
commits appear duplicated in the log (as ossi pointed out to me).

Off to read about custom git merge drivers...


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