Fixes in Git (first in stable, then merge to master)

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Wed Jul 20 19:26:28 BST 2011

On Wednesday 20 July 2011 11:52:31 Alex Fiestas wrote:
> Hi there
> Last few days I have been patching some pieces of our workspace here and 
> there, the first set of patches I did them directly into master which if 
> I remember correctly was against the policy.
> So, the second round of fixes I tried to do it the right way, which is:
> 1-Create the patch while using 4.7 (optional I guess)
> 2-Test the patch in 4.7
> 3-Commit the patch in 4.7
> 4-Checkout master branch
> 5-Merge 4.7 into master
I tried forward-merging till scripty started to process master again. When I received such merge 
conflicts as in the screen shot, I gave up, because I just did not know how to do that merge in a 
correct way and hoped that someone more git skilled would fix it. Seems like it did not happen so 
far :-(

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