Fixes in Git (first in stable, then merge to master)

Alex Fiestas afiestaso at
Wed Jul 20 10:52:31 BST 2011

Hi there

Last few days I have been patching some pieces of our workspace here and 
there, the first set of patches I did them directly into master which if 
I remember correctly was against the policy.
So, the second round of fixes I tried to do it the right way, which is:
1-Create the patch while using 4.7 (optional I guess)
2-Test the patch in 4.7
3-Commit the patch in 4.7
4-Checkout master branch
5-Merge 4.7 into master

In theory, this workflow should work (I like it dcvs-wise) but the 
reality for me was:
1-A lot of conlicts
2-Conlicts on software I don't know about
3-Conflicts in .desktop translations
4-Something that should be almost instant, is not <at all>

The result of a merge of 4.7 in master can be observed in the attached 

So, at this point I'm wondering if the policy is bad or (and this option 
is the more plausible) I don't know how to use the tool.

Cheers and sorry for the cherry-pick's I've done so far.
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