CDash of kdelibs

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Sun Jul 17 11:47:36 BST 2011

When I look at the kdelibs test results at I see the following things that 
IMHO need to be changed:

-the limit of 3000 warnings is reached, do we need to increase the limit?

-the moc files are counted in the coverage results even if CTestConfig.cmake 

set(CTEST_CUSTOM_COVERAGE_EXCLUDE ".moc$" "moc_" "ui_")

So something is wrong there. This also adds to the number of warnings as the 
first to warning messages are "no relevant classes found" ones which should be 

IIRC those lines need to be moved to the CTestCustom.cmake to take effect. 

-I think that all testcases should also be removed from the coverage results, 
i.e. those list should be extended by "/tests/".


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