Review Request: fix #277269 Dolphin(Part) Detail/Tree view, highlighted selection paint glitch

Marcel Partap mpartap at
Mon Jul 11 22:39:03 BST 2011

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Review request for KDE Base Apps, David Faure and Peter Penz.


What was strange that background highlighting and actual item selection were drawn independently from each other and the bogus highlighting to the left of the item was not cleared... Now this one was a __REAL__ bitch to get dealt with, took me hours and hours bashing my head against the shell ^^
ok now again the viewOptions is not only not the place to turn off background highlighting, but there it was even tried to ENABLE it :O
turned out this so called QStyle::SH_ItemView_ShowDecorationSelected	documented as "When an item in an item view is selected, also highlight the branch or other decoration." is hard-coded on by DEFAULT in QCommonStyle and all inheriting from there so it requires a QProxyStyle to override the setting. While we have the opportunity, also set SH_ItemView_ArrowKeysNavigateIntoChildren for added joice of keyboard navigation (although strange effect comes up when being on a leaf and pressing Cursor::Right again - but with or without this setting, something with the selection handler...) someone owes me CAKE for this one :D


  dolphin/src/views/dolphindetailsview.cpp 0ce26df 
  dolphin/src/views/dolphintreeview.h c037d41 
  dolphin/src/views/dolphintreeview.cpp 64b66aa 








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