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On Wednesday 06 July 2011 19:52:50 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em Wednesday, 6 de July de 2011, às 18:54:37, David Jarvie escreveu:
> > On Wednesday 06 July 2011 18:26:16 Sean Harmer wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > On 29/06/2011 20:54, John Layt wrote:
> > > > Duration:  A number of Qt community members have a merge request for
> > > > this
> > > > already, but I feel it needs some clean-up.  It would be great if an
> > > > experienced KDE eye could look at this as it is likely to end up in Qt5.
> > > 
> > > Lars Knoll has now given some more feedback on this MR which we are now
> > > trying to address. Hopefully it will be up to scratch for inclusion
> > > shortly.
> > Can you provide a URL for this? Duration should allow for daylight savings
> > time changes when it is specified in terms of days. Even if the Qt class
> > doesn't do this itself, it needs to make the appropriate methods virtual to
> > allow us to override them.
> There will be no virtuals in date-time or timespan classes. You don't need to 
> override anything. It's not like you will ever need to extend the concept of 
> date, time or timespan: dates are the same for all applications.
> Duration is simply the number of seconds or milliseconds between two dates, 
> appropriately given in their universal time. So duration is not affected by 
> daylight savings.

Duration must record whether it was specified in terms of hours/minutes/seconds, or days/weeks/whatever so that daylight savings changes can be taken into account when calculating the end time of a duration, given a start time.

If the duration class provides methods to calculate the end time, given a start time, then it must take account of daylight savings changes.

See kdepimlibs/kcalcore/duration.h for example.

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