Finding the unloved 2011, part 1

Ingo Malchow imalchow at
Mon Jan 31 21:37:25 GMT 2011

2011/1/17 Ingo Malchow <imalchow at>:
> Dear beloved KDE developers and contributors,
> most of you probably remember the regular requests by Nightrose to
> think about projects that could need some more love from contributors.
> Well, now it MY time to make this call :)
> The list on seriously needs some
> updates so we can focus on trying to reach contributors for exactly
> that.
> As always, everybody knows each area could need more help. What we
> want focus on are projects with a really serious need.
> So let's get together, make this list up to date and focus on getting
> new helping hands.
> Like always, 2 weeks should be enough to get this ready to focus on
> the outreach.
> Cheerio,
> Ingo Malchow

And here is the published final list after 2 weeks, for those who are
not reading the planet at all:

Let's get the ball rolling again!


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