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Marco Martin notmart at
Mon Jan 31 13:00:50 GMT 2011

On Monday 31 January 2011, Nuno Pinheiro wrote:
> > my proposal is this:
> > 
> > * by default, Search and Launch on the desktop
> We talked about this in last tokamac remember?
> Imo a merge of krunner, activityes management, and the cashew and a few
> specific tryicons (just the hardware vital ones) into somthing that is
> allwyas visible (hinted wen a window is full scren) (btw we have a problem

I still don't think this could be the place for systray icons, but i 
completely agree on merging krunner and the toolbox,
with a window like the panel not always on top, always visible and brought on 
top on screen edge

> here, we need to push people to stop using full screen apps as much as
> they think its better its realy not, unless the screnn is realy small but
> for that we have the netbook  experience)

provocation: remove the maximize button by default? ;) (as the netbook doesn't 
have minimize)

> > * an icon in this S&L that takes you to your desktop folder .. in a file
> > manager.
> > * a new panel layout (TBD: let's work on this together!)
> yes :( not fun work at lest the tray is not the mess it used to be....

yeah, the work should really be finished here ;)

> > * improve the tasks widget to have some of the nice features of widgets
> > like "smooth tasks" with the mouse over highlights
> > * an "activities" widget (i'll hapilly write it) that sits next to the
> > app launcher and when clicked brings up the actvities manager
> > * an activities switcher as a kwin effect (!)
> > * have all activities avaiable in kactivitmanagerd, even if they are
> > "stopped" in plasma-desktop
> > 
> > thoughts?
> agrea as usual, still i wish all of the kde was in the visual shape plasma
> is the other day i had to take secrenshots of the apps and it was
> depressive, was talking to Marco about this yesterday but we need more
> options in the tollkit level for inlining functionality, so we can clean
> our apps alot more.... oxygen guy, "I make the pretty pictures"

yes, I think the big push now should be made on appseven more than plasma.
more of the depressing stuff i see tough are due to limitations in qwidgets, 
how they are painted and how qlayouts work...
i really would like to see desktop applications themselves in qml some day 
(and no, qml right now is not even remotely enough to be considered desktop 

but for now, would be nice to get away with things like menubars, statusbars 
and things like that in one or two "guinea pigs" applications ;)

Marco Martin

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