Feature Plan for 4.7

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Thu Jan 27 10:18:07 GMT 2011

Hi all,

In order to create good release notes for the next release (yes, we're early), 
we need a good overview of new features and improvements. Traditionally, we 
keep a list on techbase, which we then base the release notes on.

That list can be found at:

We do need some help here from everybody -- kde-promo people are awesome, but 
not omnisavant (is that a word, even?). So please go ahead and edit the 
feature plan above:

- add features you're planning to work on (also helps coordination with 
- also add important bugfixes (it's easier to have them in one place), but 
  only if you're not backporting them (otherwise they're not new in 4.7). In 
  that case, add them to the relevant XML changelog
- remove those that are done for <=4.7
- remove those that will never get done, or fell of the table completely
- update the status of items you know of
- keep the message human-understandable, it's not a personal scratchpad, but 
  others need to know what you're talking about
- bonus points if you add a link to further information, such as a blog entry
- if you doubt if something's interesting enough, put it in anyway. It's way 
  easier to just skip an entry than to miss out on something cool. (We 
  developers tend to err on the side of "less cool" rather than "ow wow, this 
  kicks some serious ass"
- Do edit it and add your plans, you can always change something later if it 
  doesn't work out as you planned and nobody will come after you with sticks, 
  stones, or the Wrath of the Release Manager

Thanks everybody for the assistance! It will pay off by having good and 
complete release notes.

Thanks for the attention :)

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