GSoC 2011!

Lydia Pintscher lydia at
Mon Jan 24 10:41:31 GMT 2011

Heya folks :)

GSoC 2011 has been announced yesterday at LCA.  \o/
Valorie has created the page to collect ideas. It's a cleaned up copy
of last year's page. Please add plenty of ideas as soon as you can:  Students are already waiting
so the sooner your ideas is on the page the better.

In case you are new to GSoC in KDE please check
An excellent resource for both new mentors and those who've done it

For questions please contact the admins (lfranchi, valorie,
neverendingo and nightrose) in #kde-soc. If you want to help with the
organisation please let me know.


Lydia Pintscher
Amarok community manager - -
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