[PATCH] Re: KDE 4.6.0: go or no go?

Dirk Mueller mueller-RoXCvvDuEio at public.gmane.org
Thu Jan 20 13:00:58 GMT 2011

On Wednesday 19 January 2011, Dirk Mueller wrote:

> so the general consensus seems to be against slipping the schedule and
> inserting a RC3.
> This means that we need to solve bug 246678. Given that there seems to be
> no fix in sight (no comment in the last 14 days), can we mitigate it. is
> there a way to disable whatever causes the problem by default? what would
> be the patch for that?


I think the attached patch should make the services be disabled by default, 
thereby avoiding kde bug 246678. I'm asking for a review and a comment whether 
we can go ahead with this workaround for KDE 4.6.0. 

As the general consensus was (previously) already against slipping the 
schedule, I need a solution NOW to be able to release 4.6.0 in time. 

Please review/comment. 


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