splitting up kdebase in git

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Tue Jan 18 22:05:52 GMT 2011

On Tuesday 18 January 2011 4:34:21 pm Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi all ...
> when looking at migrating kdebase to git (thanks to Ian Monroe for his efforts 
> there and for the support of KO Gmbh that helped make that happen), it was 
> decided to split it up into chunks which are:
> * kdebase runtime (git -> kderuntime)
> * kdebase workspace (git -> kdeworkspace)

could we do kde-runtime and kde-workspace instead?
only because it's traditional (and because we already have git kdepim-runtime)

> * kdebase apps, minus konsole (git -> kdebase-apps)

I guess kde-apps won't work.
maybe kde-baseapps?

> * konsole
> runtime / workspace / apps as divisions already reflects changes made starting 
> with 4.0. even now in svn, code in one of those is not allowed to have a 
> compile time dependency on code in the other two. this is why, for instance, 
> folderview is in kdebase/apps/: it relies on libkonq which is also in there.
> kdebase-apps is being kept together because there is a lot of code sharing 
> between the projects there, particularly in the form of file management code 
> in libkonq. it was determined by the maintainers of each that there was 
> nothing but a loss of efficiency and increased pain to be gained from 
> splitting them up.
> konsole, however, is a significant application in its own right that doesn't 
> actually share code with the rest of the apps in there (besides Qt, kdelibs 
> and runtime, of course ;). so it is getting its own repo.
> if there are any questions / concerns / thoughts on this, please provide your 
> feedback now as we'd like to make the move as soon as possible once 4.6.0 is 
> released. 
> also, please keep all relevant discussion on kde-core-devel rather than CC'ing 
> all the lists; i just CC'd the lists so everyone there who may not be on k-c-d 
> as well receives the information :)

Having konsole, ksysguard, etc in their own git repo is fine.
But they still will reside logically inside kdebase-apps 

For example on api.kde.org the EBN and LXR.

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