splitting up kdebase in git

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Jan 18 21:34:21 GMT 2011

hi all ...

when looking at migrating kdebase to git (thanks to Ian Monroe for his efforts 
there and for the support of KO Gmbh that helped make that happen), it was 
decided to split it up into chunks which are:

* kdebase runtime (git -> kderuntime)
* kdebase workspace (git -> kdeworkspace)
* kdebase apps, minus konsole (git -> kdebase-apps)
* konsole

runtime / workspace / apps as divisions already reflects changes made starting 
with 4.0. even now in svn, code in one of those is not allowed to have a 
compile time dependency on code in the other two. this is why, for instance, 
folderview is in kdebase/apps/: it relies on libkonq which is also in there.

kdebase-apps is being kept together because there is a lot of code sharing 
between the projects there, particularly in the form of file management code 
in libkonq. it was determined by the maintainers of each that there was 
nothing but a loss of efficiency and increased pain to be gained from 
splitting them up.

konsole, however, is a significant application in its own right that doesn't 
actually share code with the rest of the apps in there (besides Qt, kdelibs 
and runtime, of course ;). so it is getting its own repo.

if there are any questions / concerns / thoughts on this, please provide your 
feedback now as we'd like to make the move as soon as possible once 4.6.0 is 

also, please keep all relevant discussion on kde-core-devel rather than CC'ing 
all the lists; i just CC'd the lists so everyone there who may not be on k-c-d 
as well receives the information :)

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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