qFatal usage in KStandardDirs

Michael Pyne mpyne at kde.org
Sat Jan 15 04:42:55 GMT 2011

On Friday, January 14, 2011 20:53:07 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> hi...
> i just came across this in kstandarddirs.cpp:
>             if (dirs.isEmpty()) {
>                 qFatal("KStandardDirs: The resource type %s is not
> registered", type);
>             } else {
>                 path = realPath(dirs.first());
>             }
> isn't this is a bit heavy handed?

I agree it seems a bit overmuch, especially given that it's library and not 
application code.

It might be acceptable if there can't be any possible correct action for the 
application to take. Do we already require application code to handle empty 
output from the method you're referring to? If so the qFatal is definitely 

> ditto for

I think you hit "Send" a bit too fast. ;)

 - Michael Pyne
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