[Randa] Short information mail about Randa2011

Mario Fux kde-ml at unormal.org
Wed Jan 12 08:06:53 GMT 2011

Morning all

As there is some misinformation or unclear information about the Randa 2011 
KDE meeting I'd like to summarize some stuff:

- Date: 1st/2nd to 6th/7th of June 2011
- Location: Randa, Valais, Switzerland (middle of Europe)
-- For more information about the location see the Randa page [2] on our 
community wiki.
-- Big house with dinning and bed rooms.
- Groups:
-- Nepomuk
-- KDevelop/Kate
-- Multimedia/Phonon/Amarok
-- Platform_11 [1]

For more questions ask on kde-events where the main organization of the 
meeting happens, on the IRC channel #randa or me privately.

The food at the meeting needs to be paid there and is 15.00 CHF (approx. 15.00 
EUR) per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included and 

We will setup a registration system in the next weeks to get information from 
interested people and send the KDE e.V. board a first estimated budget. More 
information will come in the next weeks when more is clear. 

Sorry for crossposting. This is the first and last mail with that many email 
addresses in the header. Future organizational stuff goes to kde-events and 
general information to kde-core-devel.

Regards and good night

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