Suspending mailinglists due to lack of moderators.

Tom Albers toma-RoXCvvDuEio at
Sat Jan 1 21:25:23 GMT 2011


These are the top mailinglists with the most amount of moderation requests. For most of them we have tried to contact the current moderators without much success last year. So now I suggest we get rid of these mailinglists. 

Note that if you object, you are volunteering for taking over moderation. 

    312 decibel
    150 kde-imaging
    102 kjsembed
     80 kmobiletools
     46 kde-contests
     42 quanta
     42 kde-i18n-pt
     40 kdelibs-bugs
     36 cervisia
     32 quanta-devel
     32 kde-enterprise
     29 klik-devel
     29 kde-java
     28 plasma-bugs
     28 dot-stories

Tom Albers
KDE Sysadmin

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