Review Request: Add support for building libplasma with GLES2

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Mon Feb 28 13:03:41 GMT 2011

On Friday, February 25, 2011 04:29:36 Jammy Zhou wrote:
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> Update the patch to remove direct OpenGL dependency for libplasma. The
> OpenGL usage in libplasma should better go through libQtOpenGL,which can
> be enabled for desktop OpenGL or OpenGL ES2.0
> Summary
> -------
> After build kwin with GLES2 code path, the kwin binary still has dependency
> on, which is introduced by Then we also need to add
> GLES2 support to libplasma, so that kwin/plasma only has dependency on
> in this case.
> The new option "BUILD_PLASMA_WITH_OPENGLES" added in attached patch is
> disabled by default, and distributions can turn it on when do packaging
> for OpenGL ES2.0 support.

Shouldn't that option cover both, kwin and plasma? Or are there serious cases 
where you'd want one, but not the other on opengl-es? If not, let's merge them 
to prevent building and packaging headaches.

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