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Anders Lund anders at
Sat Feb 26 14:50:51 GMT 2011

On Lørdag den 26. februar 2011, Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> On Saturday 26 February 2011 10:58:23 Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > In Mozilla-applications so called “profiles”, sets of user-configuration,
> > are a quite common feature, Konqueror implements them, too. But wouldn't
> > it be possibe to provide this feature for all KDE-applications by
> > changing KApplication, KConfig and friends? It should be possible to
> > pass some parameters at startup to use a specific profile, KApplication
> > would recognize the paths and KConfig would adjust its directories and
> > independendent sets of configuration would be used. Those configurations
> > could be saved somewhere in .kde/extra-profiles or something like that.
> > It should work for most applications, only a small minority does not
> > keep its configuraion in the user's .desktop-files. Some simple
> > GUI-dialogs and it would be at least as good as Mozilla's support. I
> > think it would be useful for many applications, e.g. Kopete or Amarok.
> > Any comments?

I find the idea interresting, I was just thinking that I use marble in quite a 
few different ways.

> Tha's a really advanced feature, and it's already available to advanced
> users. You only have to set a different $KDEHOME before starting an
> application.

Changing KDEHOME changes more than the single application, so that is not 
viable. Prepending the search path would be smarter. Or use the --config 
<alternative config file> option that kapplication provides ;)

Maybe apps could just look in the existing config filesystem for alternate 
configs, and offer to switch from the application menu? That could be done in 
kapplication, and the required menu items provided as standard like other menu 
itmes in KDE. 

Venlig hilsen,

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