Review Request: Add support for building libplasma with GLES2

Marco Martin notmart at
Fri Feb 25 12:33:08 GMT 2011

On Thursday 24 February 2011, Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> >     
> >     I also considered to remove glClear in GLApplet, but I'm not sure if
> >     it will cause some regressions, so I prepared this change.
> >     
> >     Anyway, waiting for inputs from plasma-devs to make final decision.
> > 
> > what's GLApplet originally used for?
> It allows to write a Plasmoid which can use OpenGL. Apparently there is no
> interest in doing so

opengl on qgraphicsview is so horribly slow that i don't see it going 
anywhere, yeah

> > And if GLApplet is really obsolete, maybe we'd better retire it to remove
> > the dependency of libplasma on libGL. :)
> Yeah that would be nice. We cannot remove the class altogether, as that
> would break the ABI, but what should be done is deprecate it and add it to
> the list for removal in libplasma2. To get it free of OpenGL removing the
> glClear should be enough.

if it's marked as deprecated, the mobile profile would have it already removed 
and that's good ;)

Marco Martin

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