Review of the branch plasma/declarative in kdelibs

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Feb 23 18:10:32 GMT 2011

On Wednesday 23 February 2011, Artur de Souza wrote:
> Quoting Ian Monroe <ian at>:
> > So should there be a Qt.components.plasma? Its not really clear to me
> > how Qt.components.meego would be inappropriate for Plasma though.
> Because they will have the look&feel of meego and we have our own look&feel
> :) MeeGo also have some widgets that are only useful when using that
> platform...

and, (at least until some time ago, didn't try a more recent version also 
because still not public) relied on running in the opengl graphicssystem to 
have a good performance...

but aside this implementation detail, yes, the point of qtcomponents is to 
give a common api to allow platform specific implementations rather than one 
set of widgets to rule them all

Marco Martin

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