Review of the branch plasma/declarative in kdelibs

Artur de Souza asouza at
Wed Feb 23 11:54:59 GMT 2011

Quoting Ian Monroe <ian at>:
> I understand the need to provide to the QML developer stuff like i18n
> and a way to look up the location of icons, but I'm less sure having
> an actual QIcon/KIcon object. We're going to want to make use of Qt
> Components right? So until thats sorted out and we're able to
> "sub-class" (re-implement? javascript is weird) the Qt Components to
> add features like naming icons by name, wouldn't it make sense to just
> provide a method to query for resources like icons? And then let the
> QML developer use whatever the standard method is for displaying that
> icon.

Just as a side note: Qt Components right now is just a specification  
of a common API for widgets so there is nothing that we provide that  
could be "subclassed" for example :)

Qt Components will also not provide something like "naming icons by  
name". In order to have this, KDE will need to provide a "image  
provider" that would be able to return QPixmaps when one asks for an  
icon by the name.

My tip would be: don't expect much coming from the project itself  
besides the API that should be followed by developers implementing  
their platform's widgets (this API can be extended though).




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