git workflow draft

Parker Coates parker.coates at
Fri Feb 18 10:37:49 GMT 2011

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 03:21, Johannes Sixt wrote:
> I'm tired aguing, so I'll leave it at that. Just one point (because I
> don't want to be called silly):
> Am 2/17/2011 21:56, schrieb Stephen Kelly:
>>> Choose a starting point
>>> that is convenient; but DO NOT CHANGE IT once you have done serious
>>> development, because a change (aka rebase) basically invalidates all your
>>> tests.
>> This is silly. When you merge in your workflow you have to re-run all tests
>> anyway.
> You are missing an important point here: When you merge, you run your
> tests ONCE; when you rebase N commits you run your tests N TIMES!

This is off topic, but is there a git tool to run a particular command
(for example, cmake && make && ./test) for every commit in a range?
Something like git-bisect without the bisecting.

More than once, I've rebased a local topic branch and been concerned
that some of the intermittent commits might no longer be buildable.
(This is especially an issue if commits are reordered.) Being able to
tell git to checkout and build each revision (halting if a build
fails) while I go do something else would be very convenient.


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